Elevator Psychology

I came upon this video via StumbleUpon.It is very funny. It shows how we feel discomfort whenever we standout from a crowd that we keep trying to conform and act like everyone else. No man wants to be an island.

Enjoy the clip.


lala said...

I wish I could watch this, I'm still working on getting my sound back after an unfortunate virus/wipe problem.

However, when I was in nursing school, our instructor challenged us to do an experiment and instead of facing the doors when entering an elevator, as everyone usually does, face everyone in the elevator. only a few were brave enough to try it, which in and of itself, says a lot.

She also told us we should pay attention when walking into a doctor's office...who sits next to someone else, and who chooses a seat off to themselves?

interesting stuff.


cardiogirl said...

I *do* have sound and this clip was great! I remember "Candid Camera" when I was a kid. Those experiments were so fun!

I wonder if, today, the person would ask, "Why is everyone facing the back of the elevator?"

Or would the person follow suit. I suppose it depends on the individual.

Allen Funt rules!

Thea said...

How fantastic.
Thank you for the laugh.
I too am old enough to remember watching Allan Funt on candid camera, on Australian TV.
"I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself." ~Rita Mae Brown~
"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are." ~Chinese Proverb~
Cheers, Thea

terrence said...

very funny, but i think this is an example of self preservation, and the best defense is blending in unnoticed hahaha!
"If your in Rome, do what the romans do".

Rock Leather said...

Lala: Thanks.

Cardio Girl: Yeah, I guess he does rule.

Thea: You're very welcome.

Terrence: Yeah, I guess you're right. We are always thinking of our own selves.

Kelly said...

LOL! This clip is hilarious! It's amazing how people can be conditioned. Too funny!

Rock Leather said...

Kelly: I think it's what they call social conditioning.

barbjensen said...

This clip is funny but in a slightly painful way. Awkward!
I love Thea's quote from Rita Mae Brown.