Satan Wants Soul of Digg-Obsessed Man

Digg Cartoon, Satan CartoonCheck out this related cartoon:
The Digg Monster


Clangnuts said...

Good gag. I like it. Hope to see many more on here.

isearch said...

Clangnuts: Thanks. I'm working hard on it. =)


Jian said...

he's really a workaholic man LOL!

Indonesia Travel Guides said...

hahaha this is funny, i like it
who's that lying in the bed? i bet he's blogger :D

Juan Samaniego said...

hahahaha I'll say blogging is Satan digg is hell!!
check out my project!

Rock Leather said...

Jian: =)

Indonesia Travel Guides: Thanks.

Juan Samaniego: Wink...wink.